Modernised progressive Passover Haggadah: A free manuscript for home use

Truth from Eretz Yisrael

About six years ago, I took part in a Passover Seder lead by the magnificent Sarah Clyne Sundberg. It was the most glorious, interesting and profound Pesachs I have ever participated in. Instead of a mechanical fast read, or a collection of more and less vague costumes that lead to a festive super-meal, her Seder was an open discussion with various philosophical and political branching, and one which welcomed the contributions of everyone around the table, as it probably should be. It was the first time that I, a native ‘Hebrew’ speaker, could fully understand the text , (because the ‘Hebrew’ haggadahs are unintelligible to me, and do not usually have a translation to the modern Zionist language, AKA the contemporary/Israeli Hebrew that I speak). Consequently, I could engage with it and discuss problems in the story, and beyond.

Indeed, it was not an ordinary night…

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