The lost contexts of The Shoah (The Holocaust)

Truth from Eretz Yisrael

Posted originally in Hebrew

Concentration Camps is a lean entry in the rich Hebrew Wikipedia, currently containing 358 words, of which 256 are dedicated to the Nazi camps. And it is no incident. The WWII German crimes are told in Hebrew in such way that would not weaken their related Zionist arguments, and they are therefore disconnected of the broader context of their contemporary nation-state oppression methods, undertaken mostly by white, ‘ethnically-European-Christian’ societies (or their extensions), who often advocate human progress, liberty and/or equality. There is no great wonder, of course, that the murderous European imperial-colonial context of the Holocaust is neglected from the Hebrew discourse, and that the only focus is on Nazism, considering that contemporary Hebrew is a Zionist language. Yet, at the same time, and for other reasons, this context is missing in other places too, for reasons that might have to do with the…

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