The blog

This blog is, first, my sandbox for cultural analyses, political keyboard-interventions and cul de sacs. These are often early thoughts, evolving ideas and tentative (hypo)theses, some of which will be later modified or dropped. I treat it as my public electronic notebook, where, as Foucault once said, some of the things I say here are being said in order to no longer think them, not to be their surrogate, or their ‘author,’ and not to be forced to identify myself in them. To be liberated of their disturbing presence.

Second, this blog is a political act, or a public practice that stems form an awareness to the technical and political limitations of the prominence, conventions and performances of academic print publications.

Third, the blog is an electronic business card, if you like, which, as Jeremy Gilbert puts it, is ‘an inevitable symptom of a culture of compulsory self-promotion’.


I am a floating signifier. A transdisciplinary thinker, a critical discourse/ideology analyst, interested in culture, politics, langauge, society and more. My work touches on areas of the politics of the everyday, sociology (incl. of knowledge), anthropology (incl. of the social sciences and humanities), culture studies, communications, translation studies, Israel-Palestine, Israeli society, and Middle Eastern studies.

I currently have two main research interest:

  1. Developing social and especially cultural everyday approach for the studying academia’s ‎place in society, particularly in the social sciences and the humanities (SSH), using
    •  qualitative analyses of language and ‘texts’ (broadly defined: i.e. different kinds of discourse analysis);
    • ethnography of the everyday (similar to STS, which tends to study ‘science’ and labs, and therefore neglects SSH; but can surly learn from it about what is part of academic life and what is more part of science).
  2. The ‎relationship between everyday and macro cultural-political relations in Palestine-Israel. In this context, I am currently working on the ideological Zionist role of contemporary Hebrew.




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Finally, smart stuff I like to think by:

Nothing means anything on its own

Academic language is a dead language for the great majority of French people
(-) Bourdieu

‘Translation is not in the hand of the subject who is translating’
‘Every translation is a placeholder for the original’
(-) Spivak

‘To will is to way’
‘[Force is] making unbearable of the consequences of not willing what someone wills you to will.’
(-) Ahmed

‘Every history is contemporary history’
(-) Croce

>> ‘but not every history is our contemporary history.’
(-) Jameson

‘Every quote is necessarily out of context.’